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Dallas Cowboys breaking news: The Cowboys have fired defensive coordinator Mike Nolan after just one season and defensive line coach Jim Tomsula. Nolan drew plenty of heat this past season as the Cowboys DC and with one of the worst defenses in the NFL, it is understandable. Cowboys Report host Tom Downey breaks down why the Cowboys fired him and some potential replacements Dallas could look to bring in.

Cowboys rumors have been swirling around the defense, who ranked in the bottom of the league in points against. Dallas has some capable replacements like George Edwards but could they hire someone like Wade Phillips?

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Mike Nolan Replacements:

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  • Dallas Cowboys Report

    Who do you want as defensive coordinator?

  • Carlos Avalos

    Wade philips

  • Jaydan Latiff

    Sean Lee should be the defensive coordinator he is gonna take us far

  • Carlos Avalos

    And kris Richard for DBs coach

  • raymond cash


  • Cinch McCoy

    Fire Tom Downey he was in full support of the fatties only defense and was part of the problem. Fire him or trade him for a pony!

  • Clyde Mcknight

    One word reaction: finally

  • Tami Soltys


  • Terrence Stiffler

    Pocatello, Idaho.. DC4L.

  • Jason Tapia


  • Antbeast23

    Hire edwards or someone else

  • David C

    Need better players too

  • Jacob Vasquez

    Diggs is the most impressive. Sad you didn't mention him.

  • Victor Winger

    My worry is we might encounter a groundhog day scenario yes our defense was bad but bringing in new defensive staff could result in new defensive scemes that the players have to learn and obviously it didnt work this year

  • Edwin Kubena

    In our communist Marxists nation soon to be invaded by terrorists this crap means nothing

  • Max M

    Bring back Wade to coach the defense!

  • Augustine Olivo


  • Jay Cotton


  • Paris Willis


  • Jack K.

    What do y’all think about bringing back Kris Richard

  • Charles Monrovia


  • Erickson Jabjulan

    Fired McCarthy too

  • Joseph Rodriguez

    Bring back Kris

  • Shannon Sharpe


  • Blanche Lewis

    I am happy .He didn't do a good job

  • Daryl Pelzer

    I am a black man who’s loves to see Black quarterbacks getting paid that deserves it and not just quarterbacks but all my players Prescott is not an elite quarterback all of these Anolis out there like the Shannon not so sharp Stephen hating a Smith don’t want to see the Cowboys grow as a team right now we do not need to pay a player So much money that does not put us in a position to win a Super Bowl he’s not going to do none of that fax The only thing Prescott will do is build up stats to make his self look good with no wins that’s not a quarterback I will want to lead my franchise my cowboy fans out there please don’t allow people to tell you things that are not true Prescott which I hope gets better or for his injury because he is a good guy but he is not a top-five quarterback for us to be paying him 140 million even if he wanted 100 million I would not pay him and that is before he got hurt I mean for real people stop being desperate he is not the guy look at the games from last year because that’s all we can go off of he never play the whole season this year so what did he do with the games he played what is the Cowboys won a winning streak or a losing streak to me it did not look good stop using excuses for your quarterback that’s not living up to the expectations It is all hype

  • Daryl Pelzer

    Yeah he looks good once again talking on the podium getting paid to do commercials and you guys walking around like Prescott is better than Tony Romo and I know damn well he is not look at the defense Romo had to play against and look at the defense Prescott played against oh OK it doesn’t stop there look at the office of line Prescott had when he started and look at the office of line Romo when he started oh it does not stop and look at the Best wide receivers Prescott got To throw the ball to and the best why receiver core Tony Romo had to throw the ball to let’s compare offense Jerry Tony Romo the money because he carried the Cowboys team on his back offense of line wasn’t very good defense wasn’t very good but Tony Romo was very good with no help and that’s all I’m going to say

  • Manuel Ruiz

    Rex Ryan

  • Gregory Smith


  • Mark Addington


  • Anton LaVay

    With all those cardboard cut outs in the audience, they should pay greedy jones in cardboard cash!

  • Lamar Gaines

    EXCITED !!

  • Lamar Gaines

    Wade Phillips

  • Josue Flores

    Of those available, give me Marvin Lewis.

  • David Ellis

    I knew mike Nolan sucks when he didn’t wanted earl thomas

  • Derrick Young

    Bring back wade phillip

  • michaeladam caira


  • jerey ohaha

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year cowboys nation 👍👍

  • ArmyMomHeatherC.

    WOULD Lovie Smith come back to the NFL to be a defensive Coord.? He's a HC in college at the moment, but he was known for his defenses and the players run thru a wall for him. WELL BELOVED. Thoughts?

  • Dakota Torralva


  • Gutbomber

    Can the Dallas Cowboys bring back Kris Richard?

  • Robert Johnson

    Thank God!! Our players dont fit mike Nolan schemes. His playbook was too big and the 4-2-5 is not what Cowboys strengths are

  • Robert Johnson

    Mike McCarthy now.!!

  • Gorton Williams

    Hire Kris Richard
    Legion of Boom
    Bring some damn swag to our Defense

  • Ruben Mainor


  • Jamier The God

    Gus edwards, build within. And d ware for d-line

  • Alijah darnes


  • Jed Steelwell

    If it's the same players won't make a difference

  • Kenny King

    Bring back Chris Brishard

  • Ray Martin

    Downey all your reports are hypothetical try reporting some real news

  • Robert Johnson

    Raheem Morris!

  • dave bongianino

    Relieved. This team did not give up and thats a credit to Mac and the Players themselves. Moving into 2021 the top discussion will be QB. I don't know if a QB available in round 1 will be an upgrade from Dak, other than Lawrence. Bottom line is that the O-line and D-line failed miserably this year. To compete in the NFC East alone the Cowboys have to get better on the O-line. Competing with backups against the Washington front line of 4 number 1 picks is proof enough. The D-line just couldn't hold up from the opening game and thru the entire year. High draft picks on both lines is necessary to compete at a high level.

  • Christian Criner

    Go to 43 or 34 is most important for us this off season

  • Peter Jimenez

    One word FINALLY

  • Robert Jones


  • kenneth stanley

    Until Jerry hires a real GM we still go be the same next year and year after that and year after that. When people go realized that as long as Jerry is the Owner/GM the Cowboys will never advance anywhere.

  • Tony Garcia


  • Stephen McGuire

    If it ain't McCarthy it ain't going to work.

  • Gabriel Wapala AKA rage_strugs

    thank god

  • Brilliance NO SNOUT KENNELS


  • Bigred911 911GT

    Who cares! NFL ratings are tanked 👎

  • Brian Daniel


  • Levy Batson


  • Thomas Scott


  • scotty logsdon

    it,s about time

  • Wane Blake

    Jack de Rio..hands down.has the resume it takes to make a huge difference with average players his defenses feature schems that force offenses to play to eat defense want them to play

  • valerieash

    Bring in a guy who is known for great defense. I wouldn’t mind Lewis

  • rick hayden

    why do teams continue to recycle these guys?

  • RanGer498

    Mike Noland gone = fantastic


    How about firing some players!

  • Joshua Johnson

    Dave Wannstedt

  • Clayton Miller

    Should have happened week 4 or 5. Historically bad defense. The sad part is dak gave his body and soul for a team that had no heart on the defensive side, and half hearted on offense.

  • Don Tibbitts


  • rockfordfos1

    can we trade for deshaun watson? he is a top 5 qb even the top MVP? what do we have to give up to get him?

  • Thomas Harris


  • Jeremy Garcia

    Let’s go baby

  • Smart_sway

    Kris Richard

  • Patrick Patrick

    James Bettcher and Kris Richards are the best defensive minds the cowboys should get. This two would mould and get the best from the personnel available in Dallas. Bettcher as the main guy calling defensive plays and Kris as his assistant. Bettcher's defensive schemes and packages are what is needed in Dallas to create a multidimensional defense. Kris Richards coaching and man management would augur well with Bettcher's style. I truly hope the Dallas Cowboys make it happen….2021!!!!!

  • Larry Warfield

    Bring in Dick lebeau, Romeo Crennel, Greg William's , Rex Ryan, Jeff Fisher or reach into the past and bring back Dave Campo

  • J Johnson


  • J Johnson


  • Warwick Dennis

    They brought this defense in at the wrong time, when you have a full off season then you can try a new defense. Rishard,

  • Warwick Dennis

    I think Dallas has good defensive players they just need a coach to use them the right way

  • ed stout

    Well there’s not very many candidates out there…

  • Possum

    Call Wade Phillips !!!!

  • brandon242

    He needed to go, but any diehard fan should know by now that it really doesn't matter.

  • Antonio Mendez


  • Louis Olmos

    i hope he gets hired by another team that has has great players and kicks cowboys ass

  • Louis Olmos

    its sorry players not mike nolan.

  • Yoboywood Mcgee

    Mike Singletary

  • R. Shknbake

    I like that birth control shirt! 👍

  • Theodore Graves

    I'll be even happier the day Jerry hires a real GM and sit his ass down and let him and the coaches do their job

  • Bernard Gaines

    Woooooooooo thank goodness 4 real

  • Cheryl Pharr

    DeMarcus Ware

  • Steve Whisenhunt

    Alex Grinch/Matt Patricia

  • Byron Joe David Da-veed


  • George Yarbrough

    Necessary, he wasn't a good defensive coach anywhere in the league so I have no clue why they chose him in the first place

  • Gentleman

    Rex Ryan

  • Gentleman

    D. Ware

  • Blue Eyed Devil

    Worst defense in years

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