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Dallas Cowboys rumors are back in mailbag form with some BIG questions on a Deshaun Watson trade, the future of Mike Nolan and Cowboys free agent targets like Earl Thomas, Justin Simmons and Richard Sherman. This was filmed BEFORE Mike Nolan was fired:

Deshaun Watson trade rumors are heating up around the NFL, but do the Dallas Cowboys make sense as a destination? They have Dak Prescott after all.

Cowboys rumors also include possible free agent targets. Could Dallas add a star defensive back like Earl Thomas, Justin Simmons and/or Richard Sherman?

Oh, and when is Mike Nolan getting fired? And what’s the latest NFL Draft buzz?

Cowboys Rumors Mailbag question:
– Why do other teams’ fans want Dak even though they say he’s not good?
– Is Justin Simmons a realistic FA target?
– How would you evaluate Trysten Hill’s second year in the NFL
– Richard Sherman to the cowboys in free agency?
– Earl Thomas a realistic option in free agency?
– Order of needs for Cowboys in the draft?
– Trade for Deshaun Watson?
– Best/Worst case scenario at #10?
– Trade targets for the Cowboys?
– Is Mike Mccarthy a new Jason Garrett?
– Why hasn’t Mike Nolan been fired yet?
– Will cowboys target playmakers this off-season?
– When is Jerry gonna hire Urban Meyer?
– Does Dallas move with more urgency this offseason with Dak?
– Jaylon Smith pay cut?

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  • Dallas Cowboys Report

    Do you want Earl Thomas? Y or N

  • Abe Shepard


  • A real cowboys fan

    Nolan’s gone !!!! Let’s go

  • Jason O'Brien

    I just saw the nolan news bye bye👋👋

  • bigbossinjd

    Dak is cold but he not Watson cold iykyk

  • zFlash_24

    I think trading for Watson is being entertained because he’s already under contract but I don’t see that happening. I also think we’re going to take a back seat in free agency because of how bad our signings were last year

  • Donny Williamson

    Woo hoo Mike Nolan has been fired.

  • Abe Shepard

    Yes, trade Michael Gallup for J J Watt one for one. Then draft Chris Olave from Ohio State he'll slip to the 3rd round.

  • AkaGlide

    Then they fire Mike Nolan lol

  • Isaiah gillison

    He got fire

  • cheif127 austin


  • Julien Wood


  • cheif127 austin


  • Tracy Porter

    I say 3 they need to prove they can when and the defense needs to get upgraded a lot

  • rottie stormy

    Draft will depend on if we sign dak

  • XxGreenxX Yt


  • Robert Ayers jr

    Y great nolan is gone goooooo cowboys 2021 we will be beastin in 2021

  • Calvin Haskett

    Hell yes we need superbowls.Y….

  • Neil Crawford

    Mike nolan got fired great news

  • Really Mean


  • Neil Crawford

    watson should demand a release

  • J T

    Noooooooooooo Watson!!!!!

  • herbiefister

    Draft Justin fields, best corner available

  • Isaiah da Track Killa

    So who'ss going to replace

  • French Toast Mafia

    At 10 are there really any good trade down options? In the scenario that Sewell, Surtain, Farley, and Paye are gone we would really need to trade down.

  • Jeremy Garcia

    We need zeke gone

  • Jayson Stevens

    Hell no on Earl Thomas

  • Neil Crawford

    I wished we signed snax last offseason because I knew we would have needed DT help

  • David Parkes

    Like it or not ET is kind of the defensive version of Dez. A (once) gifted player for sure but a TOXIC locker room presence.

  • rynemizu1



    i'm sorry but Deahaun Watson is way better than Dak. I'm not saying this because the amazing year Watson had, but Watson is a top 5 QB. Dak is probably top 10. if i was the Cowboys GM i would take Watson over Prescott any day

  • rynemizu1


  • rynemizu1



    and actually Tom, if you haven't read the news.. Watson has talked trade with some of his team members and want out of Houston. they got rid of Hopkins which was a great move. why not get rid of the QB because Watson wants to be with a contender.. and quite honestly i don't blame him

  • CitrusWill

    As a Cowboys fan Watson is much better than Dak. I love Dak but Watson is a top 4 qb and this season he was top 3 Dak at max will only ever be top 7 or 8 maybe 6

  • Bryan Barreto


  • Kevin Boy

    Should the cowboys give Gerald McCoy another chance?

  • Opie Lawless

    Dude why do you have to yell your voice is annoying enough there is no need to YELL !!!

  • Guadalupe Chavarria

    How about DT Shy Tuttle 6-2 295 Saints and DT Dalvin Tomlinson 6-3 325 Giants.

  • Reginald Curry

    Lol their is definitely a gap between Deshaun and Dak. Deshaun is top 4 to me. Led the league in passing yards and I barely know who his weapons are. Dak is around borderline top 10

  • Benjamin Garza

    Mike McCarthy is the last person who should be saying " when your Bullshit over exceeds you production". Cowboys have no identity and we dont know where they are headed under McCarthy's leadership.

  • Danxy

    We should get Earl Thomas or Richard Sherman and then put one of them at safety back there with Donovan Wilson and the draft a Caleb Farly or Patrick Surtain and then are CB situation set and them focus on O-Line , and Linebackers

  • SilverTurkey

    Nolan fired! Now they have to learn a new scheme dumb move

  • redboyup23

    You still talking about E.T dude stop please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ghanjahman

    Yes Stephon Gilmore

  • ghanjahman

    Whaaaa we still got Chris Westry?! Let’s gooooooo Wes!!!!

  • Manuel Otero


  • Ryan Quinn

    Sign earl Thomas this season should have humbled him.

  • Andrew Edwards

    Trade for JJ Watt, offer Crawford the open DLine coach job and have JJ in the starting DT and backup DE rotation

  • J Frank

    We need a good draft

  • J Frank

    Trade back if we can get more pics so we can have action @ free agents

  • J Frank

    Watson not going anywhere

  • Devil Dog

    Confidence Level:
    Talk to me AFTER the Draft.

  • Don Washington

    N on Earl. But people… pay Dak. Draft a DT because your entire back end didn't suddenly all become bad in one year. We really missed Byron at a corner & what was clear was that no one back there KNEW what to do. No leaders back there. A draft pick won't fix our back end. Trade for an experienced quality corner makes sense.

  • Don Washington

    #10 DT from a conference that plays defense like the Big 10. Next get an OT I would be on one or both of our tackles not being back or around for 16 games. Then let's get a CB of a S. Man, we should consider focusing on getting an experienced CB or S who can be a QB back there via trade. I'm not worried about Jaylon & Vander Esch. I think our LBs were just confused as frick-frack because our DT play meant they spent a lot of time either taking flash steps or bad ones because they had guys all over them & in coverage… neither of them were great but they are young. Let's just stick it out and see what happens. But like all of us just a fan. Could be I know not one thing. Oh, and just sign Dak because WTF is wrong with people?


    Draft Patrick surtain sign Sherman on a cheap 2 year deal and move him to safety to play song side with Wilson

  • Patrick Adams

    You are so wrong. Dak is no where near Watson. LOL. Name a WR or TE or RB on Texans. Look who all Dak has on offense.

  • Terrence Stiffler

    Pocatello, Idaho..DC4L.

  • Terrence Stiffler


  • Nina HADNOT

    Y go cowboys

  • brandon lewis

    If we had half a brain, we'd do whatever it takes to sign Justin Fields or Zach Wilson. Think that's dumb? Ask The Chargers if they'd swap their QB and his contract for ours.

  • shane peterman

    If they cut J Smith he will go be a pro bowler elsewhere… He just needs a coach that will use him properly and teach better tackling. You can always improve, even at the pro level, n he has HEART.

  • Antbeast23

    ET can behave if he balls out

  • Johntay Holloman

    Get Sherman and Thomas we just need thereTenacity and Competitive spirit on the field to rub off

  • Johntay Holloman

    If bill obrien was still there then everybody would be tradeable lol

  • ryde ordie

    Did anybody else notice that little belch at 2:08? He slid that out so smoothly that it was almost not noticeable. But that little movement he did before that gave it away for me. He was adjusting the overall torque ratio to be able to time that lol

  • Austin DH3

    I think we should try to draft Shaun Wade what y’all think? 🤔

  • Big M.A.T


  • Matt Norris

    yea the d is a big problem but dak with them amazing playmakers have been disappointment at best.. he is not good enough it is what it is… i like the guy i really do but he isnt on arod or any of the other elites level. i would not give him the money we already suck paying him would mean we are screwed for 4 to 5 years and we still suck i am straight… i would much rather bet on letting him go and getting a real talented than paying him and praying that he can turn it around. why risk it? when he has shown nothing but a stat sheet that rarely results in wins these days… it would be a huge mistake at this point to hand out another big contract that has more chance of failing than being successful

  • Edwin Wages


  • michaeladam caira

    Forget Sherman,Thomas we dont need old broken down players who want top dollar,youth is the answer

  • michaeladam caira


  • michaeladam caira

    Trade Jaylon Smith dont just cut him

  • Dwayne Colmes

    Yes get earl thomas to cowboys

  • Anthony Montgomery

    Watson isn't that good I would have rather paid dak then zeke

  • Cg 2much

    Y on earl Thomas to the cowboys

  • jmart0169

    No earl headach thomaas

  • jmart0169

    Fire Nolan and Mcarthy

  • ASH

    I’m sorry to dak but Watson is two teirs above dak and that’s fact

  • Joseph Stephanie

    I don’t agree that Watson and Dak are on the same tier.

  • Michael Plant

    Should work on the defensive and keep Dak Prescott

  • Michael Plant

    He's been 🔥 he's gone

  • Lino Martinez

    Your voice is annoying why u have to talk like that

  • Pat Williams


  • CrIpPn TeXaS

    I'd trade Lawrence for a protein shake, dudes a fuckn scrub, show's up once every 3games if that and stop saying he gets doubled teams and shit like that cause he doesn't😠😡

  • Bibliophile

    No, do not sign Earl Thomas.

  • Dustin Witcher


  • David Norris

    Why sign ET when you could get a value player in the draft that could give you a few years

  • Xavier Martinez

    No way you just said Dak and Watson are on the same tier! I'm a Dak fan but if Watson is up for grabs… Take my money!

  • Rafael Maldonado


  • Michael Wilson

    N don’t need a expensive has been safety that is a bad teammate

  • E L Christoffersen

    Why don’t you move the team to California they been stinking up the state for24 years

  • Eduardo Perez


  • Eduardo Perez

    Bring JJ Watt to Dallas

  • Eli Benfield


  • I’m to Wavy

    get watson he would turn this team around

  • Te' R S' KING

    I told you dummies to sign E. Thomas and now, you talking R. Sherman. The one that gets burned in every big game. Try, to get Watson for sure. By the way, M. McCarthy, is not a good coach and we can do better than Mr. Turtle. Yes…for Thomas bc, he loves the cowboys and will behave himself on the roster. J. Smith, has to go he's not that good. A. Cooper, trade him he's not the wr we need. F. N……

  • Circa1775

    I think for only having 85k subscribers you have 5 too many ads in your videos

  • Robert Johnson

    Brady Quinn hopefully in!!

  • Robert Johnson

    We dont need Justin Simmons! We need 1 serious pass rusher, and 1 Cornerback! That's it! Assuming everyone stays put! Richard Sherman is not young and hes a distraction

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