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Dallas Cowboys rumors, news and reaction after a painful loss by the Cowboys to end the 2020 NFL Season and start 2021 off on the wrong foot. The loss eliminates the Cowboys from the playoff race but puts them in position to get a top 10 NFL Draft pick. But what about the futures of Mike McCarthy, Kellen Moore, Mike Nolan and Andy Dalton. Find out the latest from Cowboys Report host Tom Downey.

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Andy Dalton was a serviceable backup QB for the Cowboys this year. But he started and closed this game poorly. His game-ending INT was just brutal. Kellen Moore called an okay game, but wasn’t perfect in his first game since getting paid in a big way by Jerry Jones.

Mike McCarthy is getting heat for his decisions in Week 17 and for good reason. The decision to not go for 2 and to not challenge a completed pass might have led to the 4 point difference. And McCarthy is due blame. Mike Nolan, the Cowboys DC, was better late in the season. But will he be back as Cowboys DC? We’ll see.

The Cowboys draft order is almost set. The Cowboys are primed to have a Top 10 pick, where they currently sit before filming. They could move down to #12 (very unlikely) or up to #8 depending on the results later today.

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