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Dallas Cowboys rumors and news is back with a heavy focus on the future of Dak Prescott. Will the Cowboys pay Dak, franchise tag him or let him walk? Will Sean Lee and Tyrone Crawford retire after this season? And who are all these players the Cowboys sign today?

Dak Prescott is a Top 10 NFL QB – so why haven’t the Cowboys paid him? Stephen Jones and Jerry Jones have their reasons, but Cowboys Report Host Tom Downey is done waiting. Time to make a decision and pay Dak, as expensive as it will be.

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Cowboys rumors also focus on the futures of Sean Lee and Tyrone Crawford. Could those two retire? And in news, the Cowboys have made a bunch of futures contracts in roster moves.

Cowboys Rumors:
– Dak Prescott Contract Status?
– Sean Lee Retiring?
– Tyrone Crawford Retiring?

Cowboys Roster Moves (Futures Contracts)
OT Isaac Alarcon (Monterrey Tech – Mexico)
C Marcus Henry (Boise State)
C Adam Redmond (Harvard)
OT Eric Smith (Virginia)
OT William Sweet (North Carolina)
TE Cole Hikutini (Louisville)
WR Jon’Vea Johnson (Toledo)
WR Chris Lacy (Oklahoma State)
WR Aaron Parker (Rhode Island)
QB Cooper Rush (Central Michigan)
DB Kemon Hall (North Texas)
DL Ladarius Hamilton (North Texas)
DT Walter Palmore (Missouri)
CB Saivion Smith (Alabama)

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  • Dallas Cowboys Report

    What happens with Dak? Type 'S' for signed, Type 'T' for tagged and Type 'W' for walks

  • Juan Minjarez


  • Bobby Dalton

    Lee as coach

  • luxtube luxtube

    I know Tyrone Crawford better not be back

  • lilart13ab

    Jerry jones is full of shit he is not going 2 sign dak 2 a long term contract jerry doesn't believe in dak or else he would off signed him along time ago. Jerry mite franchise tag him again or let him go & draft a quarterback & he's resign andy dalton.

  • Patrick Beverly


  • David Stull

    Dak is still on crutches…hes not that good Tom

  • rynemizu1


  • Scott Volpe

    W please

  • Vincent Sample

    Best Cowboy Fix Go'in (1horn)

    Our issues are situational football, coaching, and scheme. The talent is there with a few key additions…

    Dak 10 year 12.5-15% of cap contract. 175-200M-G
    (.5% ownership if SB win upon retirement w/ ambassadors Job )

    Allows Cowboys to maintain roster in bad times but insures Dak.
    Just my thoughts…


    Randy Gregory
    5 years 50 million 25G
    2.1M + { 5SB – 1, 7, 8, 4RB – 8, 12 +5inct }
    ~ 2, 8, 9, 13, 13 ( cap hits )
    A year early save later…as I suggested with D-Law when we signed Crawford to 5yrs/45M.
    See: La'el Collins

    Chido Awusie
    4 years 30 million 16G
    { 6SB – 2, 4, RB4 6, 8 }
    ~ 3.5, 5.5, 11.5, 9.5 (cap hits)

    Alton Smith 3 years 16.5 million 24G
    { 3SB – 2.5, 5, 6 }
    or 5th Round Comp Pick 👍

    Xavier Woods 3 years 11.5 millon
    { 3SB 1, 3.5, 4 }
    2, 4.5, 5 (cap hits)
    A fine young inexpensive S-3

    Jourdan Lewis 2 years 4.25 millon
    A fine young inexpensive CB-4

    DT Antwaun Wood 3 years 11.5 millon
    { 3SB 1, 3.5, 4 }
    2, 4.5, 5 (cap hits)
    25-35 snaps per game…

    DT Eli Ankou 2 years 2.25 million NoG
    { .25SB 1, 1 }
    1.5, 2.5, 3.5 (cap hits)
    25-30 snaps per game…

    WR Cedrick Wilson 3 yrs 7.5 million
    { 1.5SB 1, 2, 3 }
    1.5, 2.5 3.5 ( cap hits )
    Allows bridge if Gallup is not resigned…viable WR-2

    WR Noah Brown 3 yrs 7.5 million
    { 1.5SB 1, 2, 2.25 }
    1.5, 2.5, 2.75 ( cap hits )
    Core special teams and viable WR-3

    Cameron Irving 2 yrs 5.75 million 1.75G
    Vet swing tackle

    C Joe Looney { 2.43 vet + } 1.2 cap hit
    Serviceable vet presence…C-2

    DT Gerald McCoy { 1 year 2.5 million } NoG
    If he passes physical

    Blake Bell { 2 years 3.5 million } .5G TE3
    Cheap viable vet…

    10th Pick –

    Pick 10) 1st Round: Cornerback
    CB Jaycee Horn 6'1 208 S.Car
    Awuzie CB-1 Horn CB-2 Brown CB-3 Lewis CB-4

    FS-1 Diggs
    (fixes double move issues with best Safety in the class)

    Pick 44) 2nd Round: Defensive Tackle
    DT Jay Tufele 6'3 318 USC
    The Line Improves…

    Pick 79) 3rd Round: Nose Tackle
    NT Tyler Shelvin 6'3 340 LSU
    A 1-tec Tristan Hill… quickstep penetrator…

    Pick 100) 3rd Round: Defensiveback
    DB Kary Vincent 5'10 190 LSU
    Best available defensive back….

    Pick 112) 4th Round: Quaterback
    QB Kellen Mond 6'4 225 Texas A&M
    Yeah…NFL comparison: Colin Kapernick…

    Pick 137) 4th Round: Offensive Tackle (comp)
    OT Dan Moore 6'5 320 Texas A&M
    Left Tackle…..Guard…solidifies and indemnifies entire line

    Pick 170) 5th Round: Edge (comp)
    DE Jordan Smith 6'7 260 UAB
    Armstrong's backfill…

    Pick 182) 6th Round: Linebacker
    LB Dimitri Moore 6'3 235 Vandy
    LVE backfill…

    6th Round: Safety (Griffin)
    S Kekaula Kaniho 5'11 190 Boisie St
    Safety depth…

    6th Round: RunningbacK (comp)
    RB Demetric Felton 6'0 195 Marshall

    7th Round:
    DT Eli Ankou 6'3 330 NFL

    24 on Offense:

    3 Quarterbacks:
    { Mond }

    (ps) Garrett

    3 Runningbacks:

    (ps) Demetric Felton

    5 Wide Outs:
    Wilson { 3 yrs / 7.5 million }
    Brown { 3 yrs / 7.5million }

    (ps) Dez😊

    4 Tightends:
    Bell $

    9 O-Line:
    Smith / [ Irving ]
    McGovern / Williams
    Biadasz / Looney
    Martin / McGovern
    Collins / { Moore }

    (ps) Alarcon (fe) Steele, Knight

    Defensive Depth Chart: 26

    5 Edge
    { Smith }

    (ps) Armstrong; Kamara

    6 D-Line
    { Tufele }
    [ Wood ]
    { Shelvin }
    [ McCoy ]

    (ps) [ Speaks ]; [ Ankou ]

    5 Linebackers
    J. Smith
    { Moore }
    Free Agent

    (ps) Bernard

    5 Cornerbacks:
    Awusie (cb1)
    Horn (cb2)
    Brown (cb3)
    Lewis (cb4)
    { Vincent } (db)

    (ps) Goodwin (d/st)

    5 Safties:
    { Diggs } (fs)
    Wilson (s)
    [ Woods ] (s)
    { Kaniho } (s)
    Canary (db)

    (ps) Thompson; Robinson II

    3 – 4
    (Edge) Gregory / A. Smith / Kamara

    ( 5 – Tec ) Gallimore / { Tufele }

    (Will) J. Smith / Lee / Bernard

    ( 1-Tec ) Wood / { Shelvin } / Hamilton

    (Jack) LVE / { Moore } / Gifford

    (3-Tec) Hill / [ McCoy ] / [ Speaks ]

    (Edge) D-Law / Anae / { Smith }

    Back-End ( 10 active )

    Horn / Lewis

    Brown (N) / X.Wood

    { Diggs } / X.Wood

    Wilson / { Stevenson }

    Lewis / Canary

    Awuzie / Brown

    4 – 3
    ( Edge ) Gregory / A. Smith / Kamara

    ( Will) J. Smith / Lee / Bernard

    ( 1-Tec ) { Tufele } / [ Wood ] / { Shelvin }

    ( Mike ) LVE / { Moore }

    ( 3 – Tec ) Hill / Gallimore / [ McCoy ]

    ( Sam ) Gifford / Kamara

    (Edge) D-Law / Anae / { Smith }

  • Patrick Beverly


  • Scott Volpe

    Trade Zeke to the Jets and trade #1's

  • Scott Volpe


  • rynemizu1


  • Will Smith

    Don't give me wrong i say we sign dak

  • Clean Life

    He is not worth 40 fucking million. Sorry. Yes, we'd be losing a good qb but what good is signing him if it takes all our cap? He'll have to get by with less and we've seen how he does when he's missing someone. Whole offense falls apart.

  • Louis Olmos

    qb dak who wants to pay a lot of money for a lame QB..when we already have a lot of sorry players

  • Louis Olmos

    sorry players Jerry jones signed . sorry ass jones

  • Official Djuriproductions

    Sean lee as coach

  • Sharon Hinrickson


  • Zak Williams

    We need sean lee as lb coach see how bad our lbs attack. If he cant get them in shape no one can

  • Larry Ford

    Oh! Hell, let dak try free agent!! No teams want him lol!!!!

  • Sid D Kid

    Let's go old school: Sean Lee, player/coach.

  • Ramon Martin


  • john sexton

    Give a paycut to everyone until they get a little more closer to a super bowl. If you are not putting out you aren't going to get any more money

  • David C

    There is no decision pay Dak.. Our draft place is not in quarterback range. Lawrence is the only really good one and you are not getting him

  • Ramon Martin


  • Daryl Pelzer

    For antidote to play behind that awful office of line he did a good job Prescott One game he won and that was luck and the office of line was not that beat up he did what he did last year fall behind and then try to come back and win the game I’m tired of looking at the scoreboard For 3/4 waiting for Prescott to take the team down field to score a touchdown with those receivers I seen enough of that bomb play he is a stat builder

  • Daryl Pelzer

    I apologize about That Andy Dalton is who I was trying to say

  • David C

    You are so right Tom!

  • dash riprock

    Dump Prescott

  • David C


  • Jose Navarro

    Sign Dak at 20 million for 5 years, not worth more than that.if he does not win super bowl in 2 years, can him. !!

  • Benjamin Rice

    I like you but your putting to much emphasis on age

  • Benjamin Rice

    Sign Dak you have know chose

  • David C

    We fixed our punter….Go Hunter N

  • Cowboy 56

    Tyron crawford is soo bad like jeez the guy gets pancaked

  • Jeff Wachter

    Dalton or Dak, 8-8 team Dalton would have been better with an offensive line. Dak 6-11 record, dalton 5-5. No difference. I am a Dak fan, I agree we should pay him but he has to agree

  • Tony Ellis

    Keep my man Dak , start grooming Gilbert's, as a back up. Start looking for Tyrone smith replacement, beef up that offensive and defensive lineman, with some guys that Care about winning. They should've let moore and Nolan ride. They needs some coaches that will put fear in them, Kellen moore played with them, they don't fear him, Nolan, or mccarthy. They're too nice, and sweet. Jimmy johnson had them boys so scared, they new to do right on the field. They need some coaches with some tuffness, some attitudes, a mind for perfection… I don't know about y'all I just want to see the boys back on Top again.

  • Oyster Smiling

    Sean Lee head coach in 2025. 😁

  • Burl Jones

    S 37mil a year

  • Burl Jones

    Fire Mike Nolan ASAP

  • Mark Hovsepian

    You forget after a very efficient Rookie season Dak went 16th and 14th in passer rating with under 4000 yards and just a 2 to 1 TD to INt ratio. In other words he really blew. You pay a guy 30 Million for blowing?

  • Burl Jones

    C for Sean Lee

  • Lew Fez

    Yeah pay Dak and switch the focus on improving the many areas of the team.

  • Don Brisco


  • Don Brisco


  • Gary Rayburn

    dude, you never take into account that very early in negotiations, dak wanted way too much. Quit blaming the boys

  • Cheryl Pharr


  • Patrick Jamison


  • Kenneth Luebberke


  • David DeLeon

    I think dak is a better QB than Andy Dalton but Dalton had no preseason time with new offense and players. Dak is not far Better than Andy Dalton. Dak Prescott not worth money he wants

  • Don Brisco


  • Channing Wran Jr

    S Dak gets paid

  • manuel castro


  • Channing Wran Jr

    C Sean Lee, I think would be a great coach.

  • Larry Ford

    Sarcasm! Sarcasm! Young man! Wow!

  • Louis Johnson


  • Louis Johnson

    it might be a good idea Tom to get some champaign for that moment!

  • Louis Johnson

    LB coach!

  • Terry Wash


  • Malcolm Shabazz

    The Dallas Cowboys is doom for life as long as Jerry Jones owns it.

  • Robert Subee

    S already look how dalton reverted back to being …..dalton

  • Big Meat Sports Podcast

    Can't wait to see Dak healthy next year. Head to my page click the link in the bio and watch the video my Co-Host and I uploaded. Talking about Week 17 games and which match up we are looking towards this upcoming playoff weekend. Thanks for the support in advance!

  • Richard Sepulvado

    Let Dak walk and let McCartney play guys like Poe and Ha Ha Dix.
    Give Chris Joe's a large bonus to punt. That's the Cowboy way.

  • michael l

    Few things need to be done. Re-sign Dak, add depth to OL, sign 2 non injury prone DT not addicted to Big Macs, a CB who can also play some safety, and another LB. then draft the best possible player available at the # 10 spot, draft a bulldozer type of RB, another OL, and TE.

  • drew hood

    Gonna mess around and have Garret Gilbert as a starter in 2021

  • MnzGmz

    S!! for Dak!

  • MnzGmz

    C for Lee

  • c tasby

    S….sign Dak

  • Dan Jourjouklis

    Trade him immediately! I am tired of him blackmailing the Cowboys.

  • Ricardo Serrato

    What do you think of cowboys trading draft pick 10 to 15 with patriots

  • David Lawrence

    Sign for the right price. Walks if he wants 40 million. Sorry man we only lost 2 more games than last year and we were completely healthy last year.This year we had alot of injuries and a terrible offensive line and we still did basically the same thing. I'll take Andy Dalton at 15 mil for sure.

  • William mike Hlonea

    Lb coach

  • David Dawson


  • David Dawson


  • lasay inchrist

    Sign dak Jerry Jones asap

  • mike garza

    The Cowboys priority #1 is to get rid of dak it’s time to get rid of the trash I meant to say the past

  • mike garza


  • Ven. Clyde Jarudhammo


  • mike garza

    Daks worth is not in the 30s not since they ripped his leg I’d give that guy the 👢

  • Tom Austin


  • Kell Clouted

    We have to KEEP GALLUP 🥲

  • marcie alvarez

    They changed everything last year with coaching except for Keller Moore.but same results.woods n Jaylon need to be traded.lee needs to coach .draft linebackers trade for for Nassir Adderely safety on chargers.need huge dt to stop runs up the middle.resign aldon smith.

  • Yvngdropzz


  • Loui Yeager

    Keep dak prescott hes our franchise quarterback hes prove himself it will be stupid to let him go I will not like jerry jones and his son if they do this shit

  • Lamar Gaines


  • David Ramirez

    LB Couch

  • Craig Parker

    Just tag him see if he still has the mobility after injury

  • Lewis Cochrane


  • Jordan Candler


  • Lewis Cochrane


  • Jerry

    Let's be frank, the offensive line needs a revamp. Andy Dalton could've won if he had the line from seasons past. The line makes everyone better on offensive just as a poor line can make everyone struggle. I still believe we would be out of the playoffs if Dak didn't get hurt.

  • Jr Jr


  • Jeff Perteet

    W for Dak

  • iTz JoseBVF

    I wanna see Issac in action see how he can do.

  • Ken Bingo

    S if not it would the worst f up they ever done

  • Ellis Woods

    C'mon Tom. Stop with the Dak lovefest. Still not a legitimate contender WITH Dak! Since the 3-0 start last yr which is when Dak pulled out of his deal with Dallas, we have been 6-11 with Dak as the starting QB and losing the game that he got hurt in, plus the miracle comeback against the Falcons. I like Dak for 35 mil at the most but not 36-40 mil. If he insists on the 36-40 then he has to go. We have too many other areas that need to be addressed. Dak would have been just as bad behind the 3rd string line we had.

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